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Research Ethics

Research Ethics
Institutional commitment
Compliance requirements
Human Research Ethics
Animal Ethics
University Biosafety

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Welcome to the Research Ethics Unit of the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

The Research Ethics Unit aims to facilitate the ethical conduct of research projects and teaching activities to the highest standards through the provision of a service that is: professional, responsive, value-adding and personable.

The Research Ethics Unit is responsible for managing ethics and related approval processes and developing policies and guidelines for research ethics.

To find out more about the ethics process, please click the links below:

  • Human Research Ethics - Human research ethics approval is required for all research involving humans or their tissue or data. Research activities requiring such approval include surveys, interviews, observational studies, administration of tests or stimuli, collection and use of human tissues and clinical trials.

  • Animal Ethics - Animal ethics approval is required for all research and teaching activities that involve the use of animals for scientific purposes - this covers the whole spectrum of research and teaching activity from laboratory-based study to observational studies.

  • University Biosafety - University Biosafety Committee is responsible for the consideration of all biosafety matters involving the QUT teaching and research community (e.g. the use of gene technology or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs); or high-risk biological agents safety and containment).

Institutional Commitment: Professor Arun Sharma, DVC (Research & Commercialisation) has highlighted the strong institutional commitment to integrity and ethical conduct in his message on Research Ethics.
Our Compliance Obligations: In order to undertake research activities, QUT is accredited with various regulatory bodies. The Research Ethics Unit coordinates the reporting of compliance matters across the areas of human, animal and biosafety assurance research activities.