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The information below is based on the HERDC Specifications and ERA Guidelines.

The following criteria must be satisfied for a journal article to be accepted for the QUT Research Collection.

Journal articles

  1. A journal article must meet the general research publications requirements for inclusion in the QUT Research Collection
  2. must be published or available in the last 10 years for display in RAD. For inclusion in ERA 2015 journal articles must have been published between 2008-2013
  3. have an ISSN - International Standard Serial Number
  4. the article must be peer-reviewed. Note the fact that an article has been peer reviewed does not automatically mean it is eligible, it must also meet the general research publications requirements as well as the other specific journal article criteria
  5. must be in a journal which is on the ERA 2015 journal list.

Journal articles that may meet the criteria include

  • commentaries and communications of original research
  • research notes
  • letters to journals, provided that the letter satisfies the HERDC definition of research (as defined at section 1.3.10) and the subsequent definitions for journal articles in this section
  • critical scholarly texts which appear in article form
  • articles reviewing multiple works or an entire field of research
  • invited papers in journals
  • articles in journals which are targeted to both scholars and professionals
  • articles in a stand alone series.

Journal articles that do not meet the criteria

  • letters to the editor
  • case studies
  • articles designed to inform practitioners on existing knowledge in a professional field
  • articles in newspapers and popular magazines
  • editorials
  • book reviews
  • brief commentaries and communications of original research
  • reviews of art exhibitions, concerts, theatre productions.

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