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The Government's Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) collects information annually on the research income and research publications of all the Higher Education Providers (HEPs) in Australia. This information is then used by the Government to distribute block grant funding, between Australian HEPs in subsequent years. The HERDC publications are also being used as part of the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) submission and in addition drives internal reporting around performance indicators, promotions applications and research activity.

2015 Collection now open

The 2015 HERDC for 2014 research publications is open. The HERDC collection has an internal deadline for depositing on QUT ePrints of 30 March 2015 in order to guarantee consideration for HERDC.

Please note that the HERDC Collection is not retrospective, that is, in the 2015 collection, if a 2014 publication misses inclusion in this collection it cannot be counted in subsequent years for the HERDC (and therefore cannot result in government funding). Publications which are HERDC eligible (i.e. meet all the criteria of peer review and other category specific requirements) which do miss the HERDC collection may be eligible for inclusion in QUT's ERA submission as a QUT Research Publication.

Due to the government's detailed HERDC specifications, and the fact that the collection is subject to audit, the verification process for publications submitted to this collection is substantial. Authors are encouraged to submit their publications as soon as possible. This ensures there is sufficient time for publication upload to ePrints and the required publication and verification material checks. It also ensures the completion of all relevant stakeholder reviews prior to the government's June submission deadline.

The Research Data & Platform team within the Office of Research is responsible for collecting publication data for QUT.

HERDC publication categories

The four HERDC research publication categories are:

  1. A1 - Books - excluding edited books and textbooks
  2. B - Book Chapters - scholarly book chapters in an edited book
  3. C1 - Refereed Journal Articles - published in a scholarly journal
  4. E1 - Refereed Conference Papers - published papers presented at conferences of national or international significance

Not all research publications will meet the criteria for the above categories. If this is the case the publication will be recorded in the QUT Scholarly Collection and it will not result in government funding.

Publications written in a foreign language can be included in the HERDC as long as they meet the criteria for the respective category and the verification material is translated into English.

QUT ePrints

The single point of submission of publications is QUT ePrints and this will flow into ResearchMaster and then into a researcher's RAD profile. Please note that the data in RAD is updated overnight, so any changes to your publication will be reflected the day after they are made in ResearchMaster.

QUT ePrints is the central repository of research outputs created by QUT staff and postgraduate students. Whenever possible, the outputs deposited in QUT ePrints by their creators can be downloaded or viewed online, free of charge. This ensures the widest possible dissemination for the outputs of QUT researchers and contributed to the growing body of research literature that is now freely available online.

For more information on how to deposit in QUT ePrints contact eprints@qut.edu.au. Once deposited and processed by the QUT ePrints team, the Office of Research will push the publication into ResearchMaster, carry out verification checks and then the publication will appear in a researcher's publication profile in RAD.

For further information see

Please contact the Office of Research (researchdata@qut.edu.au) if you have any questions or require any further information.